Manufacturers : simplify your CSR !

Want to enhance your ecological and social footprint with your clients?

Article 13 AGEC Law • Eco-design • Traceability • Carbon footprint • Environmental labelling • PEF

Discover our educational journey and multifunctional digital platform in order to:

  • Meet the growing demand for environmental information from your clients
  • Internalize these strategic topics
  • Identify your eco-design levers in advance


A platform...

The multifunctional CSR tool to address:
  • Impact measurement
  • Eco-design
  • Carbon footprint
  • Regulations
  • Communication
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The sectors we cover

We provide our expertise in the textile, stationery, toy, and furniture sectors.

A comprehensive solution to simplify your CSR!

The journey and platform will make you self-sufficient:
They are designed to provide you with the skills, processes, and tools to easily calculate your environmental and social footprint.

The educational journey

Together, we develop a tailor-made journey to internalize these key skills and showcase your products or processes with compelling figures. It allows you to:

  • Train to become self-sufficient and have the right CSR reflexes!
    - Independently measure, analyze, and communicate your environmental footprint.
    - Master current and future environmental obligations for your clients.
    - Collect your specific production data.
    - Gain expertise in key eco-design strategies for textiles.

  • Measure and highlight the footprint of a selection of your products or processes.
    - Environmental footprint of your products or processes (simplified LCA, etc.).
    - Comparisons with similar average products.
    - Identified and analyzed action levers.
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The innovative digital platform

The platform seamlessly integrates into your company to provide reliable and relevant information. You can independently calculate the footprint of your products and your company. It allows you to:

  • Enhance your communication with our customizable widgets and key figures.
  • Incorporate our supplier library, used by hundreds of brands.
  • Manage your CSR and eco-design your products through process comparisons.
  • Achieve autonomy in your CSR efforts.
  • Understand the environmental and social footprint.
  • Calculate the footprint at the product/process and organizational levels.
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The tailor-made workshop

Choose a tailor-made workshop to accelerate your transformation in a sustainable manner within your company and productions:

  • Eco-design of a product
  • Internal organization for eco-design and impact measurement
  • CSR identity and strategy
  • CSR communication, etc.
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Discover the team

La Belle Empreinte bring them together to develop the best tools with the precious help of volunteers, students and friends !

You can write to us to share ideas or join our team.

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